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The Job of a Translator, Editor, and Proofreader of Academic and Non-Academic Texts


Hi! I'm a translator and private tutor, so in addition to my normal work of translating I edit and proofread (mostly academic papers and technical documents). While many different companies and translators may do the job of translating, it is important to take the steps to edit and proofread services. Often my clients - very often international students - have trouble understanding English grammar and spelling that leads to mistakes in their work. I have a lot of experience in editing and proofreading. The companies that send me editing or proofreading jobs know that one of the best ways to help international students succeed in their educational efforts is to provide services of editing and proofreading.

Imagine finishing the final copy of an essay or term paper and realizing it is full of mistakes in grammar and spelling. Would you want to turn this in to an instructor expecting to receive a good grade? No! That's why my job of editing and proofreading is so important. What are some of the things I check for when I edit or proofread an essay or term paper?

The first step in editing is to ask if the essay has fulfilled the assignment. Does it meet the requirements of the instructor? Is it unified? Do all parts of the essay contribute and support the thesis statement? Is each of the topic sentences supported with evidence? Often students know what they want to say, but do not quite meet the requirements the instructor is requesting. It is my duty to show students how they can meet these requirements.

Another important part of my work as in editing is helping the student to realize the need for an interesting introduction. Some essays are written giving all facts and fail to state these facts in an interesting way. The introduction paragraph must grab the interest of the reader. It should begin with a hook or an attention-grabber. One of my suggestions to students is to tell an abbreviated personal story that matches the topic or to start the essay with a statistic.

Some other parts of my editing will focus on the conclusion. A student cannot just say, "In conclusion _________." This is just not cool. It is important to recapture the thesis statement and then give the readers a take-away value that will leave them thinking about the essay.

Transitions are important in essay writing so I would check to see if they have used transitions from one paragraph to another. Transitions help the flow of the essay. Some common transitions are: again, also, naturally, of course, certainly, in fact, after all, afterward, and subsequently. There are so many transitions that the list would be very long.

Some students believe they can quote the works of others without citing where they took the information. This is plagiarism. A quote from a work must include the author's name, date, name of journal, and page number.

A vital part of my editing work is checking the spelling. Often students believe that if they use a spell checker, then the words are correct. The problem is the English language. Often words will be spelled correctly, but they are incorrect. The English language has words like their, there, they're or were and we're. There are many words like these to confuse students when they are writing. It is my job to help the student find these mistakes and make corrections.

I enjoy my work as a translator, yet I firmly believe that my service must include editing and proofreading. It is important to find mistakes and make the corrections. When it comes to writing it requires the tender care of being edited. C. J. Cherryh made this statement about revising work, "It is perfectly okay to write garbage - as long as you edit brilliantly." So, remember our editing and proofreading services will make a difference for you.

Andy, Your Editor and Proofreader

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