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I am a computer programmer and writer from Los Angeles who has worked with computers since the age of five. I see computers as information liberators and utilize them as a medium for expression and disintermediation. Driving my interest in decentralization, a deep understanding of technology has put me on a mission to create applications and protocols that help to automate and decentralize our society. This has led me to become deeply connected with cultural movements and emerging technologies as well as industries. I also enjoy language and literature, combining my two passions I have created an application to process language and calculated the intricacy as well as lexical diversity of a written piece. I generally prefer to spend my free time leveraging the automation that programming allows me in order to create solutions to complex problems. Coding and writing have become art forms that I would continue to do for free for the rest of my life.

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My School Research and Academic Background

I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in computer science and economics. Technology and financial markets have been interests of mine from a very early age, the modern dynamics and current events in these fields are a massive source of interest for me on a daily basis. I focus my energy on emerging financial technologies such as bitcoin, high frequency trading and artificial intelligence. As an undergraduate I focused my budding expertise on journalism, unable to technically contribute to projects I spent my energy on writing about specific technologies and the economic, as well as social, impacts associated. This kept me in touch with the cutting edge of technologies and economic issues, which in turn has allowed me to improve my writing on a foundation of extensive specialized expertise. I've written for multiple outlets in both finance and bitcoin media and have enjoyed turning out pages day after day. Writing from a perspective that encapsulates all sides of an issue is my highest priority. I strongly believe in using diversified work experience to leverage traditional education in a manner that increases my knowledge exponentially over time.

My Freelance Writing Skills and Talents

For me, becoming a great writer has been a long journey that started with my father who was an immigrant that used his initial immersion in America to learn how to speak english and, as a business necessity, learned to become an excellent and persuasive writer. This emphasis on writing skill was drilled into my brain from an early age and refined even further during my high school years when I had a gauntlet of writing teaches focused on mechanics, sentence structure and format. This allowed me to have most of my growth in writing occur during college where I expanded and explored my personal style as well as my specific fields of interest. My time as a debater led to an increased focus in my ability to source information and construct valid arguments. I was able to greatly expand my research skills through writing argumentative essays and backing them up with solid statistics and citations. Overtime, I have developed my own personal writing method which allows me to produce pages of insightful arguments backed by substantial data. First, I fill out a file with a header and title and then name the file. After, I dive into research, carefully developing a wide breadth of knowledge about the topic while noting interesting sources. After I have gathered all the necessary information, I think through the subject or prompt via stream of consciousness writing. Once my opinion and knowledge of the topic is fully flushed out, I begin to organize and edit my writing in a structured and technically proficient manner.

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