Happy Polish Wife

How to make a Polish Bride or Wife Happy

Making a Wife from Poland Happy for Life


"Over 9.4 million people in the United States and 273,000 people in Canada identify their ancestry as Polish." Many Americans have married Polish wives. Do you have a loving Polish wife? Would you like some tips on making her happy? Sometimes the simple things in life bring the most happiness to women. Often doing the little things for the Polish woman makes her feel appreciated and loved. Taking the time to surprise her with little things and always showing respect will make the Polish bride or Polish wife happy.

Polish women are known for saying what they have on their mind. These women are often direct about their thoughts. Making a Polish wife happy means seeing her stubborn streak and loving her anyway. Politeness counts with these women.

Polish girls and women love to receive flowers. A way to impress a Polish woman is to bring her flowers on the first date. They would enjoy having flowers brought to them for the simple reason of "just because." Surprise them with little things to show the Polish wife that she is cherished.

The first step in making the Polish wife happy is to be a gentleman and treat her as a lady. "Polish men are gentlemen, they open doors and let women always first through the door whether into (or out from) the restaurant, store, care or through any other door." Speaking of taking a Polish woman to a restaurant a man should pay for the meal. The Polish women expect this especially if this is the first date with her. Even as a husband the Polish woman expects the man to be a gentleman thus paying the bill.

Do you want to give her a surprise? Find some Polish Christmas carols and she will know how much she is loved. "Polish Christmas carols called "koledy" are really unique" ("Whether the give or refuse, it delights women just the same to be asked"). A Polish wife would appreciate the effort that is required to find some "koledy" for her. Another surprise for her might be purchasing some Polish Pottery. This will be easier to do because there are several places available on the web to purchase pottery. Polish women love their celebration of Christmas that lasts until February 2nd. A great way to make the Polish wife happy is to sing some of the Polish songs such as "Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela" (the Polish National Anthem), Sto Lat - One Hundred Years, or Rozmowy - Conversation Song. Polish arts and customs are important to a Polish woman. Create a Polish cut outs (wycinanki) to surprise her. The Polish history of paper cutting is dated back to the mid 1800s. "It was often used as household decorations placed directly on walls of home.? Knowing the customs and traditions of the Polish people will make her happy because she knows she is loved."

Another way to make the Polish wife happy is to learn her language. Today there are more people learning the Polish language than every before. Why not please your wife and learn the language. "The Polish language has a lyrical quality that is pleasant to the ear, even if one cannot understand the words. Poles are an animated group and facial expressions generally denote the tone of the conversation."

One way to make a Polish wife unhappy is to be late. ?Punctuality is important to Polish-Americans. To be late is a sign of bad manners. Depending on the status of the person for whom they are waiting, Poles may be intolerant of lateness in others. Even in social situations, people are expected to arrive on time and stay late." On the other hand if you want to make her happy so respect to her family members and to her friends. Polish women place value on their social lives and love to socialize. The Polish woman love to have visitors into the home where they can show their hospitality by offering food. "A guest in a Polish home is warmly welcomed and may be overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity."

The little steps of kindness in ways to show love to the Polish wife are the best ways to make her happy. Surprise her with Polish song, flowers, or learn her language. The simple things of life are often the most important parts of keeping any Polish woman or Polish wife happy.

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