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My name is Jackie Research, and I am a freelance writer, and yes my mother did name me after the one and only Pam Grier character! I like to write, read, sing, and learn. I have two dogs, one chow mix, and a beautiful black lab, Minx, and Onyx. I am a night owl, so I am always up at night writing or watching Netflix, or rather Netflix watches me. I love to travel, and I am open to new experiences.

As I stated above, love to read, write, and learn, but also I love to travel. I can be the outdoors type of person, and I am always up for some karaoke. I believe my singing is tolerable! I spend a lot of time with my dogs, going to parks, meeting other dogs, and talking way too much about my dogs to strangers.

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Academic Background

Originally from Texas, I went off to school in Michigan because I fell in love with the atmosphere, and of course the football team. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English at the University of Michigan, and during college began my career as a freelance writer. Working as a writer for Scripted, Rant Media, and Pearson Education, I had a hand in writing educational materials which went to a plethora of educational institutions, as well as had my hand in a number of start-up tech companies. From there I decided I missed Texas too much, and decided to come back to the Lone Star State, and pursued my Master’s in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. My educational background is imperative in helping me grow in my writing skills, as well as my pursuit in wanting to continue to learn.

I decided when I was in college that I loved to hone in my editorial skills by helping companies by way of content mills and writing articles in which discussed the business acumen of digital content. This included companies that were technologically based in Education, Business, Healthcare, and of course Technology. At UT of Dallas, I continued to freelance expanding my portfolio to include some reputable companies such as Hearst Media, Gawker Media, and numerous other companies in which I served in diverse capacities. Included, but not limited to Research Assistant, Ghostwriter, Copy Editor, Content Strategist, and translator. I thought writing was the perfect way in which I could balance the burnout of getting into a 9 to 5 in which I would start to loathe after only a few months.

Instead, I would have the opportunity to create my own schedule, as well as create my own work acumen. I understand as a writer I can sometimes fall into the same line as an educator, and as an individual with a Masters in Educational Psychology, I do take that stretch seriously. Writing is an essential creative outlet, whether I write on business, healthcare, politics, education, engineering, or other subjects, writing is significant to continue the flow of ideas. As I write for myself, or I write for others as a freelancer, I find it empowering, complex, and accessible. While those I choose to write for may not be able to articulate in writing their ideas, I found that I have a unique opportunity to expand on their creative process, share their experiences, and be able to not only understand but cater to their needs. The importance of being a good researcher is that I have the ability to move easily and efficiently among opinions, inferences, and facts without it confusing the reader. I believe that in this position, my writing fosters the ability to paint a complex picture backed by sources and facts, but creative enough that the reader can understand what is written.

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