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How a translator married a Polish woman?

Entering the World of Polish Women


It is a well-known fact that Polish Women and Polish Girls are among the most beautiful women in the world. According to the current indicators, Russian and Polish brides are most-frequently marrying into a foreigner.

So here comes the question: 'What are the Polish women's features that the foreigners like so much and ... what can we - as the translators - do to help the international couples communicate well?'

There is a number of positive characteristics that Polish girls possess. First, they like to travel, which naturally makes them open-minded and tolerant to other people's views and lifestyles. This is not a great virtue when their partners prefer to stay at home; however, this little fact suggests that Polish women are open to the world, which constantly enhances their own and their children's education.

Fortunately, not every Polish woman devotes her life to extensive traveling. In fact, the majority prefers to stay home and take care of the house, husband, and children. Today, it isn't 'as easy' as it maybe used to be since Polish women not only look for professional stability and financial independence of their potential partners, but they also require at least as much attention and affection as all other women do. Most of them won't allow a foreign partner to treat them as 'a mere housewife' since they have much more to offer. For example, love, faithfulness, dedication, economy, and diligence are only a few of the great features of Polish girls which a foreigner can get in return for his love and understanding.

Most Polish women have a sense of elegance and know how to dress. They've just got this inexpressible ability to get dressed according to the required situation. They don't like to be in the center of attention because the former political system weakened this 'need,' which makes them even more exceptional and valuable in today's showbiz world. On the other hand, their shyness doesn't always help them find the right partner; as a result, even beautiful and educated Polish ladies end up marrying not-very-fascinating guys.

Another thing about girls born in Poland is the fact that they like cooking (and can do it very well, too). Pierogi, golabki, barszcz, bigos, paczki, sernik are not the only delicacies they are able to prepare. What is even more important - Polish wives can find pleasure in preparing meals for their husbands and kids since family meals are for them a very important part of all daily activities.

Apart from extensive knowledge on how to take care of their families' appetites, Polish women know a lot about being economical and diligent. They won't waste anything that can still be of use unless the family decides otherwise. Moreover, some of them can even fix broken things, like scratches on walls, broken windows or... leaking faucets, but they do appreciate if a man can do it for them. General house cleaning is also what Polish girls are inclined to do, but their husbands shouldn't take advantage of that, as they can then keep a tight rein on themselves, too.

Finally, marrying a Polish bride can only be fun since the Polish wedding customs and traditions are very interesting, especially for a foreign man. During a wedding ceremony, not only a man can see how a Polish female's soul is blooming, but he can also feel it as soon as he learns the phrase: 'Na zdrowie!'

So what is the relation between me and Polish girls, brides, and women? Simply speaking - I am happily married to a Polish woman. As an English-Polish translator, I feel for all those English- Polish speaking couples I know and I don't know who struggle to communicate the right way. I am here to help them achieve mutual agreement and respect by translating their letters or by personal interpretation.

Feel free to Contact Me if you are in a relationship with a Polish girl or if you are planning to... get married to a Polish woman, as I may be able to give you even more 'dating Polish woman' hints :). Don't forget to visit a new section entitled: Polish Dating Phrases as well as Happy Polish Wife.

Andy, The English-Polish translator and freelance writer

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