Defining a Good Research Writer

What Does It Take To Become an Excellent Writer?

What Makes a Research Paper Writer Perfect?

"Why am I an excellent research writer?"- in order to provide a worthy response to this question, I feel compelled to first respond to another, equally important, question, "What makes an excellent writer?"

As cited by Millano, van Gelderen and Sleegers "Along with reading comprehension, writing skill is an important factor for academic and professional success and a basic requirement for participation in the current information society." By this, the authors have brought into the limelight the importance of "quality" in the field of research. Perhaps, since academic writing is, in fact, a more exact and unyielding discipline, research writers must possess additional skills in order to preserve the integrity and, at the same time, be able to maximize the learning that is contained in a particular research manuscript.


Multiple skills are needed to produce excellent research output. Gregg and Hoy, formerly, noted that the ability to understand and, consequently, produce a coherent research output marks a successful research writer. Bae and Bachman further noted that there are four traits that measure an individual's writing ability, and they are: grammar, content, text length and spelling, arguing that these four factors help create a unique content. It was also brought into perspective that avoiding bias is integral to the credibility of a research writer's work, thus, highlighting the importance of the writer's skills in proper citation and reference formats. Research writers must possess the ability to gather a wide array of information from varied resources. Litman suitably stated that "a work that only contains sources available on the internet is likely to give the reader the impression that a writer was not very energetic in his or her investigations."

Research writing is a specialized field of writing that demands special skills and knowledge from research writers, and my 3-year experience as a versatile writer in oDesk had truly given me enough skills to produce articles that are at par with good writing standards i.e. good grammar, punctuation, spelling. Working with over 50 employers in the past, I had been tasked to complete articles in various formats, formal or informal, using different kinds of citation styles i.e. APA, MLA, OSCOLA, CMS and Harvard, with topics of varying complexity, from simply describing garage doors to creating an in-depth discussion of complex topics such as regime shifting in international property laws.

Being a nurse and a medical student, I find it significantly easier to work with health-related topics e.g. pharmacology, biology, medical treatment, radioimaging, etc. However, I believe that when backed by excellent research skills, no topic will be too difficult for any resolute research writer.

My experience gives me a unique edge as it directs my response to the research topic at hand. Moreover, in the past years of working as an academic writer, I have become acquainted with various online databases e.g. PubMed, Medline, Sage Online, etc. and I possess a keen eye for evaluating which references are reliable and useful, and which ones are mere nuisance or are completely fallacious, and because I have worked on numerous research papers before, I am now very adept at different types of research studies including qualitative and quantitative research methods, systematic reviews, research reports, among others.

So, with all these, I am trying to say that unlike other cheap writers, who had just blossomed into the world of freelance research writing, I both have the skills and experience to produce research papers that are top-notch, reliable, and comprehensive, which is just what academic papers should be; and, this, I believe, is exactly why I am an excellent research writer.

Example Freelance Writing Employment Letter

My name is Phillip, and everyone except my Mom calls me Phil. A few fun facts about me are: I have a strong passion for hip-hop and rap music (particularly Eminem, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar); I speak fluent Spanish after living in Barcelona for six months (and studying the language for eight years); I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and love to go to Blackhawks games with my friends. In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t care about hockey, the Blackhawks recently were in the Western Division Championship but sadly lost in game seven and will not be winning the Stanley Cup for a second, consecutive time. So in order to cope with this crippling loss in my life, I’ve decided that I would like to start writing again. I was an English major in college and have been a voracious reader my entire life. Many of my friends in school absolutely abhorred writing of any fashion, but I really never minded. In fact, I would say that writing was always something I was most fond of because it came rather naturally. Where others would struggle with crippling writer’s block, or fumble around a compound-complex sentence, it was just there in my mind, easily accessible.

I took a few creative writing courses, but mainly literature, criticism, and analysis. I’ve been writing papers in MLA and APA format since I was a senior in high school, and I probably composed over one hundred papers during my time at the University of Illinois. I’m extremely interested in modern fiction, but I am able to work with any type of literature, including medical, technical, and business. Furthermore, I obtained my paralegal certification from DePaul University after I graduated, and I enhanced my knowledge about legal documents and research. Also while in school, I was a contributor to ULoop News, an online website specifically devoted to our University’s students’ interests and news. I specifically wrote for the entertainment section, which included reviews about movies like Zero Dark Thirty and critical analysis of televisions shows like American Horror Story. Even now, in my free time, I like to blog about movies, music, books, fashion, pop-culture, or whatever just sparks my interest. Only two days ago, I wrote an analysis of the Mad Men mid-season finale.

I believe that I am an excellent research writer because I am able to quickly learn about a subject, analyze what is most important, strategically break down how the paper is going to be structured, and then compose a college-level piece that is original, thought provoking, and unique with authorial voice. I’m always the first person my friends ask for help or guidance when it comes to writing papers, and I’ve worked with subjects that I’d never hard of before reading the essay prompt. It doesn’t matter whether it’s scientific or objective narration, I am able to write in any style, tone, or manner that is required. Thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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